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Here's the latest news and the news archive.  It includes all the important emails we have sent out starting in July of 2016

AT Meeting, March 14, 2017

At this month's meeting, we decided to resend the DBA in Huntington Beach due to the taxes the city might want to collect.  We also closed the checking account,  All transaction such as costs for social or ride events will be in cash. 

All rides will be organized on Meetup and no further emails will be going thru the AT gmail account.   Rides can be suggested directly to Bruce at his email bgleason@thumbsupvideo.com.  Meetings will be held bimonthly instead of monthly. 

AT Changes - March 3, 2017

The leadership committee has made some changes to save AT a little money and make it easier for new members to attend our meetings.
For now, the leadership committee is myself, Paula and Jacqualine.  I want to thank Paula and Jacqualine for contributing their time and efforts to continue to support AT. 
AT membership is now free.  We will be asking a donation for the parties we have instead of using the old membership fee to pay for them.  We'll still have some 50/50's to raise some cash.  Anyone who paid $30 at the February meeting will have their membership fee returned.
The AT checking account, which cost $180 a year will be closed this week. We will be using a cash account headed by long-time trusted member Paula Gallo.  All past members from 2016 can request a copy or google link to the register at any time before this year ends.  The account pays for web hosting, the Meetup account and some special events we will be planing. Also, we are working on getting a PayPal account so members can make payment for the parties by the PayPal app.
Anyone that is a Meetup member will now be able to plan a Meetup ride by asking to change their Meetup membership to an "Event Coordinator".  New members can do this as well, but the panned ride will be reviewed by one of the leadership committee members before it is announced. 
Since the 17th Bar and Grill restaurant has moved us to a noisier place by the bar, so all new monthly meetings will take place at an AT members house or a private room at a restaurant.  Don't miss this month's meeting at my house on the 14th.  See the Meetup site for the address HERE: https://www.meetup.com/American-thunder/events/238072752/ .  We will most likely be using AT members homes for our parties as well.  
We have cancelled the requirement for new Meetup members to have a minimum of 2 rides before the can join the 'official' AT group.  As you can see, we are moving more toward using Meetup as an organizing system.  We'll still be using our Google account for important emails.
If you have a good idea concerning the organizational structure of AT, maybe you'd like to be part of the leadership team?  It doesn't tale up that much time and is very rewarding.  Let me know if you'd like to contribute to AT by adding your voice to the committee. 
I hope that you can make the upcoming meeting and some of our rides!
Bruce Gleason, Leadership Committee lead


January 21, 2017
Soon, all ride and monthly meeting announcements will be going thru Meetup.com.  If you haven't signed up on the Meetup site, go here to do so.  https://www.meetup.com/American-thunder.  It's free and easy.  Plus you can add the Meetup app to you phone as well.
We'll also keep the ride calendar on our American Thunder website current:  http://www.americanthunder.com/
You'll still be able to use the email on the AmericanThunder.com website, but since I do not review new emails on my google account very often, it's best to email me at bgleason@thumbsupvideo.com.  Please make a note of my email address.

November 15, 2106

Hey all AT members,
As you probably have guessed, AT will be transitioning into an organization without a board next year, so this years board is re-vamping how we organize the group. Everyone at the last meeting agreed that this transition is the way AT will keep going as a group.   Here are the highlights:
The Charter and By-Laws will be placed on hiatus for now, and if our membership grows in the next few years, it will be reinstated. 
Instead of a board, there will be a three-months term for three volunteers acting as Leadership committee members.  Myself, Paula and Jacqualine will be the first committee until April 2017.   Any AT member can place their name on the list for being a committee members if they have ridden at last 4 rides with the group.
All new Meetup members or new non-Meetup members (those who are invited to join by a current AT member) will be required to ride two rides to apply for an official membership application which also includes the release information.
I will supervise the AT website AmericanThunder.com and the Meetup site until a volunteer steps up to take over.  
The $30 fee will stay in place to pay for the websites and the holiday party.  We will move the remaining AT funds of just over $2000 to a personal account which Paula will supervise according to the wishes of the Leadership Committee.   
We will still be having our planning parties at least twice a year.
All current 2016 members will remain on the Gmail list but are encouraged to join the Meetup group.  Eventually it will become an all-Meetup email because it's more  convenient to plan and automatically email members. Please let us know if you want your name removed from the gmail list.
All of us know that 2016 has been a little rough for AT.  But for those members who enjoy the company of the friends they have made over the past 23 years, it's been great!  Who knows where we are headed the upcoming years?  AT might even grow to be the group it once was.  In the meantime, there seems to be a core group that will continue to have fun riding and socializing with other motorcycle enthusiasts.  Please consider adding your part to AT by volunteering for three months in 2017. 

Thats it!  Any suggestions are welcome by email or at the next monthly meeting.
Bruce Gleason 
2016 AT director. 

July 12, 2016 
Great meeting last Tuesday,   About 20 members showed up and everyone seemed to contribute to how we can better this group.  Here's the list: 
1.  We'd like everyone to join the Meetup group here:  
and click the "Join" button. Or go to Meetup.com and search for America Thunder.    In the past, we have not needed an RSVP system because we had more members ride, and nearly all our rides had enough riders.  Since our group is smaller now, we need a new RSVP system to let the ride leader decide on canceling the ride if there are no RSVPs.   Meetup will be our new RSVP system for for upcoming rides and comments for the rides as well as photo uploads.  If you get the Meetup app on your phone you can RSVP and post photos just like Facebook.  Please RSVP before Wednesday night for weekend rides.   The second way to RSVP is through our email.  All new rides will have the email of the ride leader to copy and paste into your email program. 
2.   If the ride leader doesn't receive enough RSVPs, he/she has the option to email out everyone that the ride is cancelled.  This is why it is important to RSVP, event if it a 'maybe'.  This RSVP will be better for all of us.  Please use it. Also - check your email before the ride to see if it has been cancelled......
3.  All postings for new rides will be listed on our new Facebook page, the AT Meetup group and emailed as well.  This might seems as overkill, but those who use any of these on a daily bases can ignore the ones they don't use.   I prefer you RSVP on Meetup as it automatically counts the Yes RSVPs.  
4.  We have a new official Facebook American Thunder page.  It's located here:
Please bookmark this new FB page.    The older ones are not controlled by AT.  Please avoid posting to them.  The new one has a cover photo that says "The Official American Thunder FB page".
5.  Reviews of rides will be included in the emails
6. The board has been having "board conference calls" each week to stay in touch better.  We will open up the conference call to anyone who wants to listen or speak about any issue once a month or more.   The conference calls will be listed on the emails.  
7.  Ben Adams, our assistant director has resigned. His reasons were personal. If you are interested in becoming part of the board, please apply for this position by responding to this email. 

The board has been working very hard the past two months trying to include the great suggestions that our members have given us, and we will continue to keep American Thunder in good health with the help of your participation in the meetings and the rides.