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Group Riding Safety Procedures

It's important for a riding group to have the same expectations for each person in the group.  Safety is paramount and all procedures should be reviewed by all members before riding with AT.   

For new members:

Please come 20 minutes before the ride so we can review our riding procedure listed here.

For the group:
Always use the two second following rule between the bike in front of you
Change lanes back to front or front to back, not side to side
Signal turns or lane changes with lights and wait 2 seconds before moving and look over shoulder
Pass the hazard signal back.  Use left hand or right foot
The ride leader will let you know the speed of the group will be
If you are going slow enough to have a gap let others pass. The Sweep will never pass
It is acceptable to pass safely if there is a slow rider. If possible, pass in the left lane
The last leg of any ride is on your own if leader says so on the last stop
When arriving at the beginning of the ride, listen to the safety review and sign in
New members must produce insurance form and have the M1 validation on their license
Let Sweep know with a "thumbs up/thumbs down" if stopping during a ride
Dress like the leader.  He or she will stop if there should be a temperature change

Allow cars to cut in for lane changes

No need to rush around cars to stay in the group.  Cars will normally change lanes to let you catch up to the group
Ride your own ride - Ride your own ride - Ride your own ride

For the Leader:
Be early, have sign-in sheets, review these procedures
Make map and copies
Check all new members and guests for insurance card and M1 validation
Assign day road captains and Sweep 
When joining freeway traffic, start at 55-60 until the group catches up
Leader should slow down if there is open space between riders
Changing lanes – wait for at least 2 second with blinker
Be the first one to signal for hazards, left hand or right foot

Leader Suggestions:

Do not leave anyone behind when leaving for home unless verified that the person will not be making the leave time. 

For the Sweeper/Road Captain
Must have directions or map
Optional: Secure the lane that the group is entering if possible when leader turns on blinker if it’s safe.  Do not hinder oncoming traffic
Always get the hand signal for anyone exiting the group – thumbs up/down?  Stop of it s thumbs down.  Stay with the rider until you know they have help/tow truck/friend pickup.  No need to stay with the rider after that.

All AT riders actions should be consistent with these procedures

Any suggestions?  Email the director